BA Won’t be Honoring Ecuador Fares

Just got word that BA won’t be honoring the crazy $1000 First Class fares to Ecuador. It’s always important to not book non-refundable travel around these crazy deals because you don’t know which way the airline will swing with their decisions. In this case I bet they realized that too many people had taken advantage of these fares and that is too big of a loss (some of us would earn miles equivalent to half the ticket price). Anyway, it’s always worth a try to get in on one of these deals because sometimes they do honor them.

You have until Monday, Oct 9 to pay the fare difference to reissue the ticket, otherwise you will get a FULL REFUND to the payment method used. 

Here is the official message from BA:

We had booked one of these tickets hoping to head to Macchu Picchu instead of our planned trip to Scandinavia for the northern lights. But I guess we will stick to our original plan.

Did you book this fare? How do you feel about BA not honoring these fares?


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