Review: Lufthansa Business Class Lounge – Gate B21

Review: Lufthansa Business Class Lounge – Gate B21

Upon our arrival into Frankfurt we made our way through the usual security lanes before making our way to the far end of the terminal for our gate.

Lufthansa operates the A380 on its Frankfurt to Delhi route during the holidays, and these aircraft have so many premium cabin passengers and elites that Lufthansa has its own business class lounge for A380 flights. Access to the gate itself is directly from the lounge itself, making it an easy way to relax and not miss your flight.

Access to the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at B21 is restricted to those traveling on Lufthansa at that gate or nearby gates. Star Alliance elites and business class passengers should also have access to the lounge, but I don’t see why anyone would make the trek here given all the other lounge choices in Frankfurt. This particular lounge is located in a corner by itself where there aren’t many interesting stores or places to eat. So visit those places if you are really hungry or need something before arriving at this lounge because it is slim pickings once you cross security into this area.  

a large glass window with a plane in the background

Stylistically speaking, the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at Gate B21 is like any other LH business class lounge. The lounge has good views of the planes at the gates nearby, and has plenty of seating for everyone getting on the flight at B21. WiFi was incredibly fast for a lounge at over 20Mbps considering how full the lounge an hour after our arrival.

The food on offer (for breakfast) included the usual mix of cereals, breads, cold cuts, fruits, and juices.

The one issue the lounge has is that there are absolutely no showers available (there are restrooms in the lounge). After a long transatlantic flight, I was really looking forward to a shower before my flight to Delhi so that I could get some more sleep (somehow it helps me believe it is time to go to bed).

Unfortunately or fortunately (as I will later prove) the nearest showers were at the Air Canada Lounge across the terminal and past another security checkpoint.

a sign in a building

I could’ve just relaxed for the remaining 2 hours I had in the lounge, but I decided to take one for the team and walk across to the Maple Leaf Lounge. Stay tuned for that experience next…..

Bottom Line:

The Lufthansa Lounge at B21 is a solid and convenient place for relaxing just before catching your flight out on a Lufthansa A380. Food isn’t the greatest, but I don’t believe anyone will go hungry while in the lounge. Seating is plentiful until just before boarding time approaches when the lounge really fills up.

How do you feel about the Lufthansa Lounges in Frankfurt? What’s your favorite lounge?


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