Intro: Weekend Jaunt to the World’s Most Beautiful Country

Last July 4, I went to Switzerland on a weekend trip for a family event, and to hopefully explore more of the country I’ve come to absolutely adore over the years. Just after waiving me through at immigration in Frankfurt, the officer turns around and asks me “is it really worth it visiting Switzerland for just 2 days?”

I said: “It most certainly is. It’s the most beautiful country in the world.” Seemingly amused by my response she said “have fun and take lots of pictures.”

I might be know I am biased in my thinking, after all I hear that love for something is really that sort of thing. Even I realize to a certain degree that Italy might objectively be the most beautiful country in the world (more on that later). But there is no other country that has inspired or transformed me more as a traveler than Switzerland and for that it really holds a special place in my list of 20+ countries I’ve visited so far.


I was hiking somewhere in those alpine valleys filled with rolling clouds, cascading waterfalls, snow capped peaks, and post card perfect villages when I decided that I would become a photographer even if it was an amateur one. I just had to figure out a way to capture every single moment of experiencing this heavenly landscape. I needed to be able to see it everyday and feel the adrenaline rush of discovering more such places or returning one day. I can completely see just how Tolkien was inspired to create Rivendell when my eyes came upon this valley.

Arriving in Switzerland gets me every time. I would compare the experience to stepping into the concrete jungles of New York or even Tokyo and realizing just how small we are in a crowd of millions of people.  And while those places show us just how beautiful we can create a world on our own, Switzerland really shows us how well civilization can coexist with the rugged beauty of nature. This is really where man, sheep, cow, mountain, and the elements come together to create what I consider to be absolute stunners:

In no other country does an on time, every time public transit system take you to such ridiculous alpine heights…..

It’s not like Switzerland doesn’t have the stunning cities, but they always seem in tune with the natural setting. The entire country just screams neutrality 🙂 Nothing aims to drown out the surrounding alpine environment.

Most of all can you believe that all of these postcard perfect moments were produced by spending one weekend in Switzerland? You can do all of this alpine exploration while enjoying the finest chocolate, best ice cream, fondue and more.


I think I will rest my case there. It was beyond worth it to visit this alpine nation on a whim. In this trip report, we will be less about reviews of hotel rooms (we stayed in an AirBnB) and more about how to get to Switzerland and manage your budget. Everyone needs to get out and experience this ridiculously beautiful masterpiece of a country and landscape.

Have you been to Switzerland? What are your thoughts?

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More to come soon………


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