8 Pictures of Dallas After the Rain

This past week most of us have seen some ridiculous images of European cities in the snow. Sitting at home and seeing these images on the computer really made me a bit envious especially because all I was seeing looking out my window was rain coming down hard on the streets of Dallas.Rain is always nice when you are into street photography and have streets like the ones I had seen in Tokyo, but in Dallas a suburb of Dallas the nearest street scene is miles away (20 to be exact). It was a little depressing to be constantly inspired by these gorgeous winter wonderland images and not be able to take any pictures.

And so I did the most reasonable thing 🙂 I went to San Francisco (only to get zero fog, and average light) for the weekend.  Little did I know that one of the most fantastic photographic spots was brewing in my own backyard. I ran out there as soon and as often as I could once I got the wind of the opportunities. And I ended up with some of my favorites:

The Trinity River reaching these extraordinary levels only occurs once a year or even once every two years. If you want a similar images you may have to wait for a while and keep checking the river levels here. You want that level to be around 30 feet for the best results.

Quick shout out to my friend Andy at Andy’s Travel Blog for pointing me in the right direction for the photo location. He got an absolute stunner of an image in the at sunset last weekend (possibly one of my favorite images of Dallas).

There’s always something about getting those awesome images at home. It gets me every time how beautiful of a world it is outside my very front door!

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