Good Deal: 5% off AirBnB and Starbucks Purchases from Bank of America (Targeted)

There are a lot of blogs talking about AMEX Offers and Citi bonus spending, but I haven’t seen anyone post about the decent offers that Bank of America has through its equivalent program: BankAmeriDeals. If any of you have the Alaska Airlines or Virgin Atlantic credit cards from Bank of America, you are likely eligible for this deal which provides 5% off on Starbucks purchases and 5% off Airbnb (max of $32 cashback). Sure it isn’t a huge amount of money, but it’s still something given that Airbnb Amex Offer have not been easy to come by these days.

a close up of a logo

There are some other deals available from Five Guys and Papa Murphy’s Pizza of course, but I thought these two are perhaps more applicable for most:

a screenshot of a website

a screenshot of a menu

$32 on Airbnb and $1.50 on Starbucks isn’t much, but it is something. Alaska Airline miles are quite useful so I don’t mind spending on the occasionally to get these discounts.


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