Enter the Chase US Open Sweepstakes (I actually won some stuff)

I hope everyone is enjoying the return of tennis with the US Open and the Western and Southern Open in New York. I can’t tell you how elated I am now that tennis is finally back (we are finally going to have a new slam champion on the men’s side!). It’s really gotten me through some long rides on my stationary bike, while I wait for things to calm down and cool down (it’s been hot month or two in Texas). Anyway I just thought I would chime in on a sweepstakes I entered recently and incidentally won.

I rarely write about sweepstakes, but I thought I would write about the Chase US Open Sweepstakes because well this stuff arrived in the mail today:

And if I won something (I entered once), there might be a good chance that most of you entering will end up winning something. You can actually enter the contest twice a day: once between 10AM-3PM EST and once between 3PM-10 PM EST. Do remember that there is a prize limit of 1 per person. I believe they are giving out some water bottles, hats, and some sweet treats from the following NY bakeries: Nikki’s Popcorn CompanyThe Good Batch, and Greyston Bakery.

You can enter at the following link: https://usopen.chaseonlinesweepstakes.com/


I got the following stuff in my package (it’s worth about $25 according to Chase ):

Note if you do win, they won’t tell you. The package will be shipped directly to your home. I have UPS MyChoice so I did get a message saying I was getting something from “Fooji Corp.” I seriously hoped it was some sort of misspelling and that I was getting a new camera. Hey, a guy can hope right?



Review of the Snickerdoodle Blondie from Greyston BakeryI won’t be eating any of the other stuff (I’m not that into brownies, popcorn, or cookies), but I did try some of the Snickerdoodle Blondie from Greyston Bakery. It was surprisingly soft and tasteful for a packaged brownie. In general it seems they get very great reviews and they do seem to have some interesting flavors for what it’s worth. Anyway might just be my useless jibe, so take from it what you will…..


I subconsciously entered the sweepstakes a week ago while perusing the US Open App. I figured I would give it a go. Why not? If it got me something great, if I didn’t that’s fine too. Honestly I didn’t read too much into what I was getting and was secretly hoping for some signed stuff or maybe some tickets for next year’s open. That didn’t happen, but I won’t say no to winning something these days. It’s the small things that can give you a boost, whether it is winning some cookies or a t-shirt or cap.

And oh yeah, go Thiem! Really hoping he wins his first grand slam title Sunday (fingers crossed)


Note: I get nothing from any of these links. I just thought you guys might be interested in entering. 

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