GREAT Business Class Fares: Scandinavia – North America as low as $1000 RT!

So there are quite a few business class deals right now between Europe and North America. I just thought I would sum those deals up right here. Positioning for these flights is pretty simple nowadays. You can either fly economy there for under $400 or use miles/points for the one way journey. 

1.) Sweden – Toronto/Montreal (KLM $1600-$1750 Roundtrip)

Fares are available for Summer of 2019. 

2.) Sweden – Chicago/NYC ($990 Roundtrip on Icelandair)

Fares are available for Summer of 2019.

There are some great fares on Icelandair right now to Chicago and New York and I came upon this fare while searching for summer fares to/from Europe. You can even include a stopover in Iceland. 

3.) Sweden – Miami (1200 Euros Roundtrip on Virgin Atlantic)

Fares are available for Summer 2019

YHBU had a great article about some sub $1400 fares from Sweden to Miami. I won’t steal his thunder on this so I’ll just link to his page for now. 

4.) Sweden – US West Coast/Washington/NYC $1800 Roundtrip

Fares are Available for Summer 2019

5.) Oslo – NYC (TAP Portugal sub-$800 each way)

This one thing to keep an eye out far lately because TAP Portugal has been known to release some great fares between Europe and the United States from Scandinavia. As of this moment that fare starts at $1000 each way for most dates, but that has fallen to below 800 one way on a weekly basis as far as I noticed. I find the sub-$800 one way fares towards the end of summer as of right now. 

Anyway hope you guys are able to take advantage of one or more of these fares. Unfortunately great deals from North America to Europe are fairly limited or nonexistent right now. Google Flights is your friend for finding that convenient routing. In general when I see a great fare in certain cities, I usually go to Google flights and direct my searches departing those destinations. 

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