JFK’s TWA Hotel Starts Taking Reservations on Valentine’s

It looks like the long anticipated TWA Hotel at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is finally taking reservations. This Valentine’s Day has been officially set as the first day the hotel will be taking reservations for stays starting on May 15, 2019. Maybe a great gift for your Valentine? #aviationgeeks 

I personally hate flying into JFK because it is so far from the city and the design of the airport makes it awfully unfriendly to connect through. It does say much given that the other New York Airport La Guardia is just as bad. With that being said I used to fly into JFK and have a quick overnight stay before my morning flight to Texas. Sometimes I would just end up going into the city for the night because most of hotel options are off airport and/or are completely unpleasant to stay in. I think the best stay I had was in a Courtyard somewhere near the airport. Well I’m think that’s about to change at least for the instance that happens again. 

The hotel is the first to have an “on-terminal” location at JFK and features great views of operations at JFK. And we all know JFK makes for some interesting plane spotting with its 40+ odd airlines flying in.  

It looks like most of the decor and employee outfits are designed to represent what was once the world’s largest airline, which shares so much history with JFK airport itself. Since the time TWA of course, the terminal has been partially replaced with JetBlue’s crescent shaped terminal and the now the other half will be part of this hotel. The TWA Flight Center itself is actually listed in the National Registry of Historical Places.

By the way even the toiletries are TWA branded: 

I really like the idea of the hotel being a salute to an airline that has been long gone. I was too young to remember when I flew TWA, so I guess this is the best thing to jog my memory? Or maybe this hotel might just change my mind about JFK?

I can’t wait to do a review on the hotel though I doubt I’ll get the chance anytime soon. Now if only the hotel would just became part of the Hyatt or Marriott chain of hotels, I might actually be able to consistently afford a night here (I’m anticipating that room rates will be into the mid to high 200s initially). 

In the mean time, US Today seems to have done a full walk-through of the hotel so go check it out! 

Are you planning on staying at the TWA hotel? Isn’t it the perfect Valentine’s day gift?



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