Focal Point: 10 Images of Beautiful and Eclectic Berlin

Berlin is something that is on everyone’s bucket list for its historical significance. Who hasn’t read about the divide between communism and democracy? The cold war between the USSR and the US? The success of capitalism over socialism? And of course the fall of East Germany and the rise of West Germany? While tourists and history buffs alike flock to the German Capital to see the Berlin Wall, the actual exhibition of what’s really left of it at Potsdamer Platz takes no more than 5 seconds to examine. Such was my dilemma when I first visited this city last year for ITB. What should I do with all the time I have leftover? Well just a general travel/life tip: the answer to any question can be found by just taking a walk. My walk through Berlin immersed me in one of the world’s most eclectic cosmopolitans. Berlin is one of the world’s most profound examples of cultural transformation, human evolution, and compromise (no less so than London or Paris).

Here are 10 images from my brief stay in Berlin:

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