DEAL ALERT: Get $30 for Spending $30 Through Rakuten

I’m sure many of you by now are aware of Rakuten, the shopping portal which allows you to get American Express Membership Rewards Points or cashback on purchases made at various online vendors. Well Rakuten is now or has been offering a $30 new member referral bonus for those that sign up soon. I am not sure what the exact end date is for this bonus, but it’s something to  take advantage of right now.

If you and your spouse or significant other sign up from each other’s referral links, there’s a potential to get $55-$60 here after spending $30.

Here are the steps to getting the bonus:

1.) Sign up for a New Rakuten Account using this referral link. This is link is specific to me, but you could see if you already have an existing account and send out your own referrals. You should be able to find your referral link here to send to someone else.

2.) After signing up make sure to switch payment method immediately to Paypal or American Express Membership Rewards Points so that you don’t have to worry about getting your check in the snail mail. This can be done in the account settings tab.


A note here: I always choose Membership Rewards Points because the worst case scenario for their usage is the cash value through Amazon, and the best case scenario is transferring them to an airline to potentially get around than 2 cents per point. So by these calculations, you could get up to $60 in value from spending $30!


3.)  Click on one of the shops in the cashback portal and spend $30 or more. There are over 2500 stores to choose from so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

4.) Install the Rakuten Add On to your browser so that it alerts you when cashback is available immediately. I always like having both Rakuten, TopCashBack installed on my browser for shopping when I’m in a rush. I do normally check Cashbackmonitor for the best cashback or points rates.


In my experience the $30 bonus hits your Rakuten account immediately after you make your first purchase on both the referrer’s and the referee’s account. You should see it in the earnings balance as follows:


For the Referrer: 

For the Referee(screenshot provided by a friend):


Earning airline miles through shopping portals is one of the number 1 ways I have been bonus miles without traveling. Despite what people think, I do not travel continuously and earn airline miles by flying.  I just maximize every bit of my spending so that I can travel for relatively less than what I would pay out of pocket. Admittedly there isn’t much travel for us outside the US right now to really get the out sized value points normally get, but that’s why you have the option through this to either get cash or points (which can be used for cash on Amazon). So continue wearing those masks folks so that we can eventually get out to travel the world once again!

If you would like to leave your own personal Rakuten referral link please do so below in the comments. 


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