Review: United Global First Lounge – Tokyo (Narita)

Our flight to San Francisco was on one of the now retired 747s with United Global First. When flying Global First, you have the choice between the ANA lounges in NRT and the United lounges. We didn’t have too much time before our flight so we just ended up going to the United Global First Lounge, which happened to be the first one we saw. If you are looking for this place, it’s actually just the upper level of the incredibly crowded United Club. 

The lounge is quite spacious, has comfortable furniture and features an interesting golden color scheme. This will likely be the location of the new Polaris lounge that United plans on launching at some point in the future (they say within the next 2 years). I have no clue when they will shut the place down for those renovations, but I would highly recommend heading the ANA or Aeroplan lounges if they do so because the United Club is insanely crowded. In comparison there was hardly anyone during the hour we were at the Global First Lounge and it seemed like a legitimately quiet space for relaxing before the flight, which is a lot to say for a United lounge. Also it doesn’t look like it needs an update as badly as some of United’s other GF lounges (I’m looking at you SFO).

The modest food and beverage selection in the lounge is located at a self service bar. There isn’t much in terms of vegetarian food or hot food, but there is a decent amount of Japanese food available. The drink selection looked to be a step above United Clubs, but you pretty much have to mix your own drinks.

Service in the lounge was nonexistent and certainly not anything to complain about because most everything was self service. Wifi was fast and showers are readily available, though I have no clue what they are like.

Bottom Line:

The United Global First Lounge at NRT is certainly one of the better Global First lounges I’ve seen and doesn’t suffer from the overcrowding issues that United Clubs face. The food and beverage selection is pretty average for a “first class lounge,” let alone a Polaris lounge, so a Maple Leaf Lounge or ANA lounge may serve you better in that regard. It definitely is a quiet space, but I’m not just itching to go back to this lounge.

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