Icelandair to Launch Service to DFW!

More news hot of the press from DFW Airport! So it’s only been about a week, but DFW has landed a second Icelandic carrier with service to Reykjavik. This is truly exciting times for those of living in the Metroplex because it pretty much means we have near daily service …

WOW Air Comes to DFW!

It’s about time is all I have to say. WOW Air will commence operations to Reyjavik in May of 2018 according to DFW Airports’s Instagram post (I know weird source of news) with service to Reykjavik 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). This is exciting news for the …

Intro-Trip Report: Incredible India

I visit my mom’s side of the family in India during Christmas every year. For the most part my visits are limited to just two Indian cities: Hyderabad and New Delhi.

Focal Point: 6 Pictures from the Barns of Grand Teton National Park

The TA Moulton Barn is the iconic symbol of Jackson Hole and is perhaps the most photographed barn in the entire world. Just a glimpse of the abandoned farmhouse with its drastic mountainous backdrop is absolutely jaw dropping and truly represents the true magnificence of America’s Wild West.

Great Drives: The High Mountain Passes to Switzerland

I was going to make this a focal point post, but I then realized that I did this drive when I was still an amateur photographer so there weren’t enough good photos to warrant that kind of post. Bear with me as I relate my journeys through the Maloja and …